Response Plans


Plans Services

Plans Services offers a range of solutions that meet your company’s need for response preparedness. These services include prevention and response plan development, compliance inspections, onsite and in-house training, as well as tabletop and functional exercises. JCC leads the industry in a full range of oil spill, hurricane, and emergency response plans, training, and exercises to meet BSEE, US Coast Guard, EPA, DOT, and various state requirements.

Plan Development


JCCPlans provides 24-hour online access to electronic response plans, with controlled access and modifiable content.

Compliance Inspections & Audit Preparation

JCC offers comprehensive facility inspections to identify compliance concerns, to review environmental and safety documentation, and to ensure proper applicability determinations. JCC can assist in the preparation for agency audits and attend audits.


Exercise and Drills

Response preparedness is maintained by consistent training and exercises, which meet or exceed Preparedness for Response Exercise Program (PREP) standards. JCC facilitates drills encompassing the entire response process including spill notifications, tabletop exercises, functional exercises, and deployment of equipment and personnel. Exercises are designed to provide all parties involved with the opportunity to test the response plan, and to improve procedures based on lessons learned.

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