Operations Safety and Compliance


Operations Safety and Compliance

Implementation of SEMS, the Workplace Safety Rule, is regulated by BSEE to promote offshore worker safety and environmental protection. A strong safety culture and comprehensive, integrated system, as outlined in SEMS provide for a safer working environment.

Our Operations Safety and Compliance team has the expertise and operational awareness to support your SEMS program in the offshore environment by providing the following services:

  • Preparation, maintenance and training of Written Operating Procedures
  • Knowledge and Skills Assessment evaluations of operations personnel
  • Facilitation of Hazard Analysis of Facilities (API 14J Guidelines)
  • Facility Inspections (BSEE / USCG / EPA / OSHA)
    • Due Diligence
    • Environmental Compliance
    • Pollution Prevention
    • Safety Systems Testing
    • Documentation
  • Pre-Acquisition due diligence and routine inspections of facilities
  • Firefighting Risk Assessments – Dry Chemical waiver
  • Hazard Communications (HAZCOM) Plan and training
  • Marine Trash and Debris Program compliance
  • Conduct incident investigations

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