NPDES Permitting Services


NPDES/LPDES Permitting Services

JCC’s highly experienced team delivers proven discharge permitting solutions and reporting documentation for operations in OCS, Texas and Louisiana waters in all phases of exploration, production and decommissioning. We have built excellent relationships with governing agencies by submitting thorough, correct and timely documentation which minimizes clients’ efforts. We participate in industry associations and liaison committees to governing agencies to stay ahead of new regulations.

NPDES/LPDES permitting services for offshore oil & gas facilities in the Gulf of Mexico

  • EPA (OCS Gulf of Mexico and Texas territorial seas and coastal waters), and Louisiana DEQ (State territorial seas and coastal waters)
    • Prepare Notices of Intent and Notices of Termination to obtain/remove permit coverage for drilling/production activities
    • Review NPDES permit monitoring for discharge observations, flow monitoring, field and laboratory testing, etc.:
      • daily for drilling/completion/workover/PA activity
      • monthly for production monitoring
      • provide consulting guidance to oil & gas field crews performing NPDES monitoring
    • Review NPDES permit noncompliances and prepare noncompliance reports for submittal to agencies
    • Prepare quarterly Discharge Monitoring Reports (DMRs) for state and federal NPDES oil & gas permits as well as Texas Railroad Commission Produced Water Discharge Permits
    • Provide liaison services between operators and EPA and LDEQ in interpreting permit requirements with respect to permit coverage, monitoring and reporting issues
    • Represent client interests in planning meetings with Offshore Operators Committee and EPA.

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