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Security Servcies

Security Services

For Operators that have to comply with MTSA regulated OCS facility security responsibilities as prescribed in 33 CFR Part 106, JCC has aligned ourselves with Seebald & Associates International. Seebald & Associates (S&A) offer security management products and services including plans, training courses, and exercises.

S&A offers a complete solution:

  • Five-year renewal of your OCS Facility Security Assessment and OCS Facility Security Plan.
  • Coast Guard recognized and approved training provider for 33 CFR Part 106 Facility Security Officers & Maritime Personnel with Designated Security Duties.
  • Annual, third party audit of your MTSA program. Audit includes training for your personnel, as well as drills and exercises, as needed.
  • Access to its premium website for graduated students of its security officer courses.
  • Recommended drills are offered every month to meet the MTSA requirement of conducting a security drill every three months.
  • Facility compliance tool kit for our clients that helps your security personnel ensure they are fully prepared for announced and unannounced Coast Guard inspections.

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