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JCC now offers an electronic version of your Oil Spill Response Plan. JCC's System is a web-based service that provides operators real-time access to the most up-to-date oil spill response plans. Operators can view, search and print their plans from any location via internet access. The system also allows operators to update their company-specific plan data (such as company phone numbers, facility information, etc.) Plans can be downloaded from the JCC website to any authorized facility or location.

JCCPlans is JCC’s on-line electronic plans system. JCCPlans allows you 24-hour on-line access and automatic plan updates. JCCPlans utilizes data base management of critical response plan information, integrating your company-specific information into our agency-approved response plan templates. Our VeriSign-secure system allows you to update company-specific information, while JCC continues to maintain the overall response plan and submission of updates to the appropriate regulatory agency. JCCPlans is hosted on our web server, saving your company the cost of expensive software and hardware systems. However, any JCCPlan can be down-loaded onto your computer or company intranet site. Call us today for a demonstration!