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Contractor Performance Evaluations™ (CPE)
J. Connor Consulting, Inc. (JCC) Contractor Performance Evaluation (CPE) process includes: evaluating your contractors from a customized, operator approved perspective.

To bring the highest value to our clients, the operator; JCC will tailor each CPE to the type of work performed by the contractor. By reviewing the safety, training, mechanical integrity and other safety and environmental aspects of the contractors, CPEs inform operators of the contractors’ overall safety and environmental compliance.

JCC will develop contractor-specific performance evaluations based on:
  • Information provided by the contractor in its official documents (e.g. Safety Manual, Operations Manuals, Safe Work Practices, etc.)
  • Operator requirements ( as noted in bridging documents or as provided by operator)
  • Agency requirements (BSEE, OSHA, EPA, etc. depending on offshore or land based companies)

The CPE protocol checklist will be sent to the contractor in advance. Documentation reviews and interviews with key personnel will be conducted at the contractor’s primary facility.

JCC will review contractor documents, as applicable:
  • Written Plans – HSE, SEMS, Training, Mechanical Integrity, Safe Work Practices
  • Operating Procedures
  • Standardized Safety Questionnaire Information
  • Bridging Documents
  • Master Service Agreements / Master Time Charters
  • Training Documents
  • JSAs
  • Maintenance Plans and Schedules

Significant discrepancies, appropriate to the work performed, will be brought to the operator’s and the contractor’s attention immediately and any response from the contractor will be submitted with the report to the operator including corrective actions if submitted.

The full CPE report, including sample documents, will be sent to the client for inclusion in their SEMS or Safety program records.

More Information

To participate in this program or request more information, please contact:
Lincoln Stroh at 281.578.3388 or Lincoln.Stroh@jccteam.com

Visit our registration page for a list of evaluations, pricing information, or to request a quote.